X Marks the Spot

Going to the beach
Bringing a pail and shovel
Reload the hourglass

Out One Ear In The Other

listen Hell listen

expl o  sion

r a  v age

int  e rnal

sq  u ish

cus s  e s

bit t er

insa n  i t y

t r a v esty

pra y  er

t  r   A uma

b at  t ered

sec r ets

skel  e tons

implo d  i n g

Photo by Claire Anthony

On the Plus Side

Photo by Eliana Anthony

Two masses of unequal proportions
Ascend a hill with a slope of thirty-seven degrees
The wind blows at a steady four miles an hour to the first quadrant
After approximately two pi minutes of uphill trajectory
They reach a point eight elevenths from the trilateral peak
Here they release from their load nine pounds of drag
And transform parallel ascension to linear descending
Subtract friction to an asymptote of terminal velocity
Minimize visibility to one meter
Reduce decibels exponentially by the common logarithm of the ratio of two readings
Two masses three sevenths the size of the former
Amble in a perpendicular fashion at an unsteady pace of two point five miles per hour
White fractals disguise the collision course
The hill undulates first convex then concave
Four figures remain unscathed
Half ignorant their lives were saved
Wholly alive with wide positive pearly parabolas displayed

Do the Dew Look Red to You?

On the other side of the fence I lurk
A million jade knives left lying on the ground
The morning blood drips down
I am the grass let me work

Ok, I’ll talk to you later

Photo by Megan Brauckmann

Hang up
The other person’s no longer there
Another unfinished phone call
I find I’m talking to the air
—-How I hate them so
—–For not knowing what I know
——I wish I could just say what I’m thinking
——-With no gasps for breath, no tear-hiding blinking
——–And not care what other people think
———Why do others control me more than I control myself?
———-So much tension is building
———–Things are being pushed off the shelf —
————Explosions are inevitable
————-They will be unforgettable
————–My passive self will die
—————It was mostly a lie
—————-And be replaced by someone so different
—————–Someone so incredibly new
——————That people will suspect body snatchers
——————-If only that were true
——————–The truth will come out
———————It from the rooftops they will shout
———————-And someone will be hurt in the process
———————–Will suffer serious losses
Too                                          bad                  for                    them

Oh, you meant that figuratively

You told me to get a life
I paused and this sank in
Then drew out my knife
I paused and this sank in

Click-clack Backtrack

Blending moments seamlessly
Today was tinged with memory
A restless sort of revelry
Life’s got a hold of me

Ode to My Abode

My room
That claw that catches me, clutches me close
A jealous room.
I go in, to find a few things, and then leave
But I find that my room now distracts me, tempts me with many things to make me stay.
“You are tired”
He says
“Take a nap in your bed, your soft comfortable bed”
I dismiss this suggestion and keep searching for my gloves
“No, you won’t find those until you’ve done a few things for me”
He says
“Pick up your clothes, fold them and put them away”
I obey.
“Check your e-mail”
He entices
“Your friends may have something important to tell you.”
He uses the very people he despises to make me stay.
When I sit down at my computer, he suggests,
“The room is a bit warm, why don’t you take off your coat?”
Suddenly, the room starts to boil and I seem to vomit my coat off.
“How ’bout we listen to some music?”
Make This Go On Forever
starts playing.
“Now, write some poetry”
He says.

Hard to swallow

I fight fire with fire

Fever dreams awaken fear

And your vodka lips

For: http://haiku-heights.blogspot.com/

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Prompt 1: Single Word (SW) – REASON

Sounds Reasonable


Remember what I said (
Elephants never ever forget
Always keep the memories
Stored in large bodies) :
Opportunity knocks only once–
Now who will answer?

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