Round-about kid says “I love you”

Gaze transfixed elsewhere (If only you knew!)
It would be broken by tears that draw the shades
Elsewhere entranced: watch not the watchmen’s view
Hearing the voices from down below–of Hades
I do not think when you are drawing near;
Your mouth, white lightning sparking from ear to ear,
Or tongue chiseling sculptures, sweet audial brew:
Intoxicating thought my mind invades.
But voices linger and you remember:
—–Me standing still, wallflower and too white
Among the mingling crowd of tanner hue
Awkward turtle, yet brilliant lily limber
—–“His beauty,” you’ll whisper, “did shine so bright.”
“Keep him–trash the rest”:–(If only you knew!)


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. acoustic3
    Jul 07, 2011 @ 19:07:48

    I love your blog layout.

    This poem is beautifully written.
    I love the structure also.


    • wordcoaster
      Jul 07, 2011 @ 19:44:01

      Thanks! I like yours too (although I sometimes get annoyed with the faded “s”s (how do you write the plural of “s”?)
      Thank you also for your compliments about the poem. The structure is an imitation of a Robert Browning sonnet–he knew how to write and format beautiful poetry 🙂


  2. Bluebell Books
    Jul 08, 2011 @ 23:10:58

    elegant imagery…

    Hello: Happy Weekend!

    Write anything coming to your mind based on the image we provide for week 5,
    Share with us.

    Bless you,
    Hope to read your entry.


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