Ode to My Abode

My room
That claw that catches me, clutches me close
A jealous room.
I go in, to find a few things, and then leave
But I find that my room now distracts me, tempts me with many things to make me stay.
“You are tired”
He says
“Take a nap in your bed, your soft comfortable bed”
I dismiss this suggestion and keep searching for my gloves
“No, you won’t find those until you’ve done a few things for me”
He says
“Pick up your clothes, fold them and put them away”
I obey.
“Check your e-mail”
He entices
“Your friends may have something important to tell you.”
He uses the very people he despises to make me stay.
When I sit down at my computer, he suggests,
“The room is a bit warm, why don’t you take off your coat?”
Suddenly, the room starts to boil and I seem to vomit my coat off.
“How ’bout we listen to some music?”
Make This Go On Forever
starts playing.
“Now, write some poetry”
He says.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. zongrik
    Jul 25, 2011 @ 20:41:36

    makes me wonder if “he” is another side of the narrator, or “he” is a voice in the head from the past, or maybe, something totally different…


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