Sleep on it (Good in tension)

The line traces the whole day
———In a fragmented haphazard maze
——————Of tripwires and deadends
—————————It pulls your skeleton together
—————————It deadens in the water
—————————There’s fire in the pleasure
—————————That whets the appetite
——————Dead eyes gather information
———Synapse snaps attention
Feeding in the dark
———Knowledge stifled
———Knifed and rifled
———Feelings rife
———With striving
—————————Screaming doesn’t cut it

Get Behind Me

You can’t touch me
And you never will–
Your lecherous hands weren’t made for climbing;
I stand on Zion’s hill.

Tightness in the Chest

Down the rabbit hole
Earthen walls are closing in

Fickle Physics

How fickle are the physics
That direct the human heart
At times converging two together
Sometimes drawing them apart
Sending one careening toward the sun
And the other crashing to the earth
Yet the curvature of the solar system
Has strange effects on these comets
These burning souls composed of frozen dust
Who spend their lives running from their tails
The forces propelled me far from you
They flung me into space
As I hurtled away, I felt everything for you
But the curve it flipped my feelings
Now there’s nothing in its place
Am I still your friend?
Of this I am not sure
I’m blinded by the solar flares
Now everything’s a blur
You who were once so close to me
Now live across the galaxy

Superman’s Regret

X-ray vision like a dart
Through your boots of Spanish leather
Everything’s coming together
Everything’s falling apart
Tired of seeing the heart
A skeleton-like feather

Loose Change

I turned over a new leaf
Which was attached to a branch
Linked to a trunk
Rooted in the ground
The cold dark earth
The warm light earth
Where used to reside the roots
Linked to a trunk
Attached to a branch
That held a leaf
Which turned me under

Cask of Amoncherie

Give me what I’m longing for
I’m sick for it; I need it
I’m shaken to the core now
I’ll kill for it; I need it

You’re Daffy

“She loves me, she loves me not”
Either way I’m dead
For you’ve torn me apart in search of answers
Leaving nothing but my head

Yes I Did Just Compare You to a Magnet

Two bipolars in a room; what will happen–
What do you predict?
Will they, being the same, repel each other
Or, opposites, attract?

Worldly Conversation

The earth now told me by and by,
“Send a message to my in-law Sky.”
What is this message I should know?
“Send the rain to me, Sir Earth, below”
And how shall I send this message, perchance?
“That’s why I picked you– you must dance”

Photo by James Veldhorst

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