Trick or Trick

Every year draw up a grand scheme of a plan
Just to relearn that clothes don’t make the man

Save Yourself

Look in the mirror to save yourself the effort
Of gazing directly where heart tugs toward,
For that is one cost that the eye can’t afford:
Apples cut doctor bills, don’t save the barrel.
Mind-catching mirror, wait, fix your apparel–
Tell yourself that was intention, rest assured.
Save yourself from guilt, though it takes effort
And from wildest thoughts that love to roam feral.

Given a Fighting Chance

One two knockout punch
Shadow crumples to the floor:
Boxer conquers ghosts


Condit Dam

When teeth like sandbags stop the flow
Of stream of consciousness
When writing what you know
Produces less and less
Get up, get out and run around
Barefoot brush the grass and ground
Merely laugh if you fall down
Sprawled under unfolding sky

Wave Hello

I have doodled
your name
on my hand
so neatly

I Have Found My Honesty!

Spotlight’s on hot seat
Come and take electric chair
Relax for fireside chat
Now enter Satan’s lair

Begin Again

Where to begin
one two three
lead by example
dies the fire
New york times
hope for the future
will to live
arise and shine

Energy Increases

Photo by James Veldhorst

In crags, dimplings of rock face
Deep pockets smiles make
Asleep the deep rumble of bass
‘Til frowns low pow’r awake



The One Who is in You is Greater

Blinded by brilliance

Deafened by decibels dangerous

Muted by moment’s menace

Strobe light of the mind


     Chops        thoughts



Of truth

My only sanity

Of Milk and a Man

Jaw opens and shuts
Opens again with small words
Ears like sponges catch

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