Few Till (An Exercise) A Tea

As steam pours forth from cups of pungent tea
My ears are filled with sighs and broken words
The door is opened, strangers interrupt
And confidence at once is forced to flee
From social niceties that mask corrupt
Confessions all of idiots and nerds

Sweet congregation of these jocks and nerds
Four brothers brought together by hot tea
Each highly diff’rent, yet each one corrupt
Class president and R.A. only words
Dig deeper and the titles swiftly flee
For what do titles do but interrupt?

The door is closed–no one to interrupt
Sweet conclave, isolation for the nerds
Who social situations often flee
But like a moth seeks light were drawn to tea
And drinking, find their mouths are speaking words
Where normal drinkers find their mouths corrupt

For purest alcohol tends to corrupt
And smoothest speech patterns will interrupt
Until discerning ear cannot find words
But grunts are manly, words are for the nerds
Who start at slurred “Loo shore version a tea?”
And ducking drunk embrace turn round and flee

But presently these brothers need not flee
Though, granted, each is terribly corrupt
Their drinks–at least–are limited to tea
They speak in turns and rarely interrupt
Preoccupied by listening, what nerds
Who strain to glean life stories from mere words

How deeply can you dig with trowels of words?
Holes deep enough that you’d need help to flee?
The climb straight up dirt walls too steep for nerds
Whose mental workouts leave muscles corrupt
As exercise would studies interrupt
So feel the burn as you lift cups of tea


Questions? Comments? Criticisms?

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