I know it’s cloudy, but let’s see a smile
It’s raining–but there’s no lightning to smite
So wash away your face of spite
Use drizzle from the cloud that spits
To drip away your sooty spots:
“Practice all your freethrow shots”…
“And rehearse twice for all your shows”…
—-“Diet consists of puppy chows”…
——“And boiled, baked, or broiled crows”…
So press on and receive your crown
Upside turn on down that frown

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Your Voice Reverberates with Light

Your song like a turban wraps my mind
As chords rub warmth into my skin
Memories dance while keeping time
For mirth that builds and grows within
Shadows remain but world burns bright
For ears bear affects on our sight

Unnatural Light

Is it not a paradox?
End of the tunnel


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I should work for Hallmark

Courtney A. Luckett
Should carry a bucket
Wherever she may go
To catch all the blessings
And wishings and yessings
That all her friends bestow


Taught at a young age
By strangers through fingers peeking
To muddle definitions
Of hiding and seeking


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Hard Pressed

Photo by Claire Anthony

Treasure in clay jars
Excellency not of us
Urn your salvation

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Come on!

With urgent yell we reach synapse
A look before you leap moment
And think of those lost in the gaps
A speedy and painful descent
A thought horribly unpleasant
Instead of jumping take the bridge
And safely reach the other ridge

Go for the Gold

Photo by Eliana Anthony

I am a whirlwind of emotion
locked within a cave of wonders
sealed inside fierce volcano
shaded by pine forest
mangled by disease
under blue sky
with two clouds

“How Grim’s the Forecast, Jim? Hahaha…”

Another moody weatherman
Dispenses with his stormy news
The animated snow strange fuse
Contrasting with his fake spray tan


Oxen fell inept
Ether potions which echo
Scotch gyve icy brace

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