Desolation of Creation

The wind will drift and spread the flame
A million tongues, then one the same
Men run round, fueled fury try to tame
To quench its ravenous thirst’s their aim

Their cause is lost, it rages still
Engulfing everything– until
There’s nothing left to kill
Except the ocean which inevitably will

Triumph once more
Allied with the moon through space’s dark shore
It lets out a mighty roar
And unleashes a force de tour

Through all the steam, it’s hard to see
But the fire lets out one final plea
Before turning with great rapidity
Fleeing from the ever-advancing sea

The sea continues, drowning lands
Not giving in to fire’s demands
Even the dunes of mighty sands
Fall beneath the ocean’s hands

These hands content no more with waving
The sea has turned mad– stark raving
A path of destruction it keeps paving
It seems the world’s in need of saving

Behold!  A new day has begun
The moon’s been banished by the sun
The sea’s tyrannical night is done
It can do nothing against evaporation

And without the ever-inward tide
The moon no longer at its side
The sea must give up all its pride
And to its old home backward slide


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