Chilly Challenge

A world of separation

Between the world and me

Walls of brick dividing

Dream home and reality

Is summertime the only time

To venture on outside?

Or are adventures also found

In winter’s wonders wide?

One Single Couplet

For the odd one out this math equation isn’t any fun

Queen of Spades and All Her Hearts

You said I’d never capture it,
Awoke the hunter in me;
One fatal shot with mind’s eye–
Perform artistic taxidermy

The Key to His Heart is Rusty

He watched the cremation through glassy eyes
Scratched out words now erased entirely
Curds and whey down his shoulders
Pray out loud as the ashes drop
Cloud of verbs dissected
Herbs collected

There’s a reason the door was shut

I will not do your homework, my dear
I have enough of my own
Yes, I know your life is so painful
But I’d like to be alone.

Let the Games End

to the game we call politics—
no don’t take a seat.  It’s
standing room only, now
go mill about.
come the players; they’re bringing
the heat.
Benchwarmers all, so you’d better watch
No teams,
rest assured it’s an individual sport.
(Though knowing glances are exchanged
and hands are hidden
beneath the table.)
Stakes are high, tempers flare in this court.
comes the point where
they all try to label
those seated around them with
syrupy slander.
Scattered about
are the
few bona fide.  They’re
covered in labels—just take one gander,
overlooked in the corner
crooks sit
genocide by side.

What are you guys talking about?

Covert dialogue
Secrets secrets are no fun
Unless shared with me



Maoage is What Brings Us Together Today

Let’s attack here!
Drive away the mountain gods,
Break down the stone walls sheer
To bring out coal in wads.

The Boy Who Loved Too

She was so pretty—pretty to behold;
—-Larkspur held by wind, or sloe-eyed doe:
She was so pretty!  Not a hint of cold,
—-Idée fixe for many a modern Moe;
She was so pretty in tangible ways,
—-As well as those perceived, not felt.
She was so pretty—setting hearts ablaze:
—-Wildfires spreading ‘cross the morion veldt.



Napalms for the Poor

If I got good rest
then the rest of my good time
wouldn’t be rest time.

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