Do a Barrel Roll

Cheer up!  The body mirrors deprivation;
Fatigue is darkly writ beneath your eyes.
I wish to give you rest and motivation,
But introversion smothers all my tries.

Rewind Pause Play

An industry of fantasy
Such labor-heavy company
Beginning months of drudgery
But blossoming in March–


To you!
How do
You do?


Crimson devil asks
For wisps of twisted worship–
Jesus tells him no.



Confessions of a Pathological Liar

Remember that time when you told me to wash the dishes?
Well, instead
I threw them away, borrowed your credit card and bought new ones.

Try Unity

Photo by James Veldhorst

Speaking shapes of triangles and clovers
As if God were mere geometry:
f(x) is clear credal injunction,
But what of three in one where one holds three?

How the West Won

Twelve paces apart,
Turning to shoot angry glare–
Potent silhouette



Join the fun!

Kneel at Open Book

Turn the page and read
Of the boy with hedgehog hair
Who always wears a turtleneck
And hugs like koala bear.
One zebra stripe or leopard fleck
And we’d have the whole zoo to feed!

Adventure Nation

Chance, peradventure, chance, peradventure, chance!
You said to never speak again of fate.

Laugh, cachinnation, laugh, cachinnation, laugh!
Only to set up bound’ries that you hate.

Photo by Meg Brauckmann

Three Little Pigs (The New Twist version)

There once were three piggies with three types of wit
And three little wolves who were of the same knit.
The pigs were named Abel and Lincoln and Babe;
While the wolves were named Cain, Davis, and Sacrebleu.
(You thought that last line should have rhymed, didn’t you?)

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