We All Bleed From Our Gory Insides

Fair Nubia will never die, but twinkles like the starry sky:
The setting sun bows down before her glory.
My name’s Aida–he’s Radames; our lives are tangled like a maze–
We’ve got you now so listen to our story!

A tale that’s tumbling toward the tomb, where certainly we’ll meet our doom
(And suddenly I’m crying out for mummy!)
As captain I’ve fought battles tough, but here’s an all new kind of rough;
I’m buried in coarse sandpaper-filled tummy.

I tried to save you with my sword, but fell before the Pharaoh’s horde.
I should have kept the gold and lived a miser.
Instead my death is all in vain, heroic clash of the insane;
Running away would surely have been wiser.

Amneris: Ha!  You died poor!

(Pharaoh clears his throat)
I drank the juice from grapes of wrath, and now I’m on a downhill path
(I wondered why my cupbearers kept dying)
But now I know Zoser’s to blame; I should have known it with that name–
One L away from loser: must be lying

Aida you’re my bestest friend, so I’ll stay loyal to the end
And save the princess with my sacrifice,
But looking back with clear hindsight, I see that that was far from right:
My selfless act did nothing but look nice.

We all bleed from our gory insides:
Some are crushed, still others are stabbed;
Some cough up blood–from the trioxides,
The common thread: our lives have been grabbed.

Aida: Seemed quite unbleedable to me
Radames: Then I got sand in my throat
Mereb: Seemed quite unbleedable to me
Pharaoh: Then bloody coughs ruined my coat!

(Zoser appears with sword)
Zoser: I just want to touch your heart! (MUAHAHAHAHA!)

(Scene dissolves into bloody massacre)


10 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. elenafacchinei
    Mar 15, 2012 @ 12:48:36

    I am instantly intrigued in your introduction of the poem, phrasing it as a story leading up to the massacre. Each characters contribution adds a new tone, a new element. This I believe dictates the nature of massacre: mqny confused ideas coming from all directions, in a tumble of powerful actions, with not enought time to explain one’s thoughts. If that is the case, you have given that mood to the reader which completes the cycle of this piece, tacking the title to the reader’s mind. I do feel there is more hiding underneath, perhaps the origin of the story I do not know? Or have you created the scene?


    • wordcoaster
      Mar 15, 2012 @ 13:49:50

      Thanks! This was written as a parody/summary of the musical Aida which I’m currently in. I had never heard of the musical before, and I don’t think it’s that well known. But I did think this poem/song could sort of stand on its own even without knowing the context of the play–you certainly seem to understand it well; it is quite chaotic and very fast-paced 🙂


  2. Jyoti Mishra
    Mar 16, 2012 @ 00:50:32

    that was superb !!!


  3. Michelle
    Mar 16, 2012 @ 13:25:29

    Intriguing! I loved it, honestly, the first stanza was enough to draw me in…right to the evil laughter, haha. Great stuff.


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