Yes, Haiku Love You

A month of haiku
Give credit where credit’s due
This month in review:

Snap Crackle Pop

Photo by Claire Anthony

Alarm sounds with zest
Dreamer woken from her rest
Reacts not the best


I fold

Parades of people
Paper-thin origami
Paper cuts still hurt


Soft Focus

Glasses off
Forms and faces blend


April 28 National Blog Tour: Bird Poems

—-April, as many of you know, is National Poetry Month, and Serena from Savvy Verse & Wit organized a national blog tour in celebration.  Although the month is nearly over, you can check out the schedule here  and visit all the other poets who have contributed.  Don’t miss out!
—-I’m still not quite sure how I stumbled upon the opportunity to be a part of this unique event, but I agreed to host a leg of the tour and showcase some bird poems.
—-Poetry, for me is something that should be full of life and powerful, able to lift you to new heights of wonder and give a fresh perspective on the world below:

Poems are like birds, the words fly free;
Even caged they sing a different tune:
The avid watcher knows them all by name,
While casual observer invents new.

Every Finals Week

Take the easy route
Just drop out


Drifting Flow

Photo by Claire Anthony

Play a melody
Fingers stringing chords in space
Laugh at small mistakes


Say “Law V”

Photo by nuttakit

Cosmic kismet kin
For whatever is, is right
Adam had no choice


Not Apples and Oranges

Throwing chairs off cliffs
At least metaphorically
Define our own bliss



Swaying Near My Eyes

The green spider climbs
Her invisible ladder;
Soft threads mesmerize.


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