Yes, Haiku Love You

A month of haiku
Give credit where credit’s due
This month in review:

This month has been a lovely National Poetry Month and I’ve really appreciated being a part of the Haiku Challenge at Haiku Heights.  Many (if not all) of my readers have been a part of this wonderful event, but I wanted to make sure that just in case anyone missed out, they could at least catch the highlights:

April 1st
Ellecee “Eager”
Anthony North “Transition”

April 2nd
Grace “Deserted”
Jeannette “Invitation to Grace”

April 3rd
Ramesh Sood “Magical Childhood”
Pseu “the grudge you harbour”

April 4th
Gemma Wiseman “Doubt”
Mike “Doubt”

April 5th
Kendall “Waves”
Niebla “Rainy spring day haiku”

April 6th
Andy Sewina “Hope”
Leo “In hopes”

April 7th
Tigerbrite “The Passion”
Patti “Forgive You Not”

April 8th
Grace “Play”
susanwritesprecise “Dating Tips”

April 9th
viv blake “9 Seashore Anse à la Mouche, the Bay of the Fly.”
Mr. Walker “seashore”

April 10th
debu “summer”
Cheryl’s Excellent Adventure “Summer”

April 11th
Kendall “Possible”
kaykuala “Possible”

April 12th
Magical Mystical Teacher “What Coherent Tales”
Diana Teneva “COHERENT”

April 13th
Enigmatic Soul “Incomplete”
Reflection of my feelings “Warmth of sun”

April 14th
Mariya Koleva “Dark purple aura”
Gemma Wiseman “Aura”

April 15th
Pranita “Leave Held Breath and Breathe Again”
Mohini Puranik “Know Their Plight”

April 16th
debu “Being”
Invisible Silence “Being”

April 17th
Karen, Something Written “Wonder”
ToE “the taste of it”

While I enjoyed all of the poems of the month, I lost track of the latter half, so I am going to make that up by supplying my favorites from the latter half of September:

September 18th
Hazel, “Starve”
The Happy Amateur, “Starve”

September 19th
kaykuala, “Island”
Mark M. Redfearn, “Island”

September 20th
Susan Daniels, “Haiku Heights: Lights”
Jolly, “Lights-haiku”

September 21st
unfetteredbs, “You in all your”
Ramesh Sood, “Her Glow Says It All..”

September 22nd
viv blake, “Birth”
Write Girl, “Birth of Sunrise”

September 23rd
Brenda, “Hummingbird hawkmoth ~ Haiku”
Patti, “Entrechat”


6 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. becca givens
    May 01, 2012 @ 01:48:38

    What a lovely gesture to highlight ~~~ Enjoyed your sharing and insights!! Happy May!!


  2. 14ideasforaname
    May 01, 2012 @ 02:30:21

    thank you so much for adding me in there in your pot and sharing the rest!



  3. unfetteredbs
    Sep 25, 2012 @ 17:08:13

    thankyou! this was quite kind of you … and I am honored to be mentioned


    • wordcoaster
      Sep 26, 2012 @ 02:50:57

      You’re welcome! I’ve enjoyed all the haiku you’ve written, and your submission for the “glory” prompt was an excellent showcase of your talent 🙂


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