The Purple Party

Typical anomaly, political anxiety
Stressing that what’s best is the intention of the quality
Discord over harmony, a biscuit with some marmalade
And no I’m not Belizean for I’m freezin in this shade
So, think you’re pretty clever just because you pull the lever
Well the ballot doesn’t matter if you scatter the minority
All red fish blue fish Seuss sushi sever
When you’re laughing to the bank, well just don’t fall in the river
I heard you went to school, but you know that term sounds fishy to me
I’m no generation x, but I wasn’t born yesterday
Are votes coast to coast bought and sold with a smile?
And I’d like a self-written speech just once in a while
You can call me paranoid, just don’t call me Shirley
I only panic when they say, “Now, there’s no need to worry.”
We didn’t start the fire, but they’re burning Rosebud
Better get to the trenches ‘cause they’ve started slinging mud
Shaking hands, shaking fists, cutting taxes, cutting wrists
‘Cause if the one side wins, then the other side quits
It’s a new brand of slavery, no chains or whips
We’re just ruled by some thugs like the Bloods and the Crips


Photo by Roy Sykes of Jordan Wolf

Unsure of the reason for the wolf
And what he has to do with golf, but…
They make for quite a fairway pair
An odd couple extremely rare

Bread and Clutter

Who cleaned out the attic
And held a garage sale, too?
A bargain for an old lamp
That always blocked the view,

For Everything Else There’s MasterCard

Photo by Eliana Anthony

She killed her own grandmother to raise GDP
To keep her old hands from Social Security
She claimed that she died with dignity
(And saved a whole bunch of money)

All the World’s a Stage, So Please Exeunt

Go on, leave, I said to get the hell out
And no itsy-bitsy spider up the spout–
I never want to see your face again
Or stare at your taut, demented grin;
Go on, leave, I said get the hell out!

My Room, Currently

Three walls, one mirror, one window and door,
A bed, desk, sink, closet, chest of drawers,
An antique A/C unit, some carpet, some tile,
A fluorescent light and distinct lack of style.

And that’s only half of it

I sat by silently as doctors ripped into my research like it was a patient due for a quadruple bypass–
I rode the bloody carcass of a cow down a dark highway, pitching over potholes and narrowly scraping other cars like fingers on a chalkboard–
I jotted down a few notes on poverty as the silverware rang out louder than Big Ben at midnight–
I spent the night in a bed of strangers as the prostitutes paraded past in various states of disarray and Modesty slipped down the fire escape as the gin flowed freely–
I ran with the wild dogs and they came back and bit me in the butt with their rabies fangs shredding jeans like paper–
I trashed my taste buds testing textures of animal parts not even considered fit for hotdog meat as eager children grabbed greedy handfuls off my plate until it vanished like a black hole–
I vacuumed up a baby from the womb, washed her off, and handed her to a still-grimacing Hillary Clinton, restoring her faith in humanity.

Sunglasses Reduce Glare

I grew up with Mr. Rogers and his changing shoes
So I said hello and waved as you walked near
You, my longtime neighbor

And Smelled Like Cloves

He was a young man, maybe, but they called him middle-aged
With eyes alight and fully engaged
He stared at the world, and the world blinked.

Breaking the Silence

“I thought I saw you crying.

“Oh… no… it’s just allergies.”

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