A Letter From the Past

Don't Forget

Dear me, it’s me again; I doubt you’ll remember
(My memory’s like fire burned down to rare embers)
But we spoke twenty-eight years ago,
A future to past information flow.

But now I’m all done with dispensing advice,
And so this quick memo will have to suffice
In case you’ve forgotten, I’m here to remind you
Of just a few good times that we’ve been through:
(I don’t have much time; I’ll just give a sneak peek
Of the moments of joy I’ve experienced this week)–
This Is The Day—remember that tune?
We sang that last Sunday—I’d say about noon
(Not that giving the time is necessary
But time travel makes me very time wary)
Remember the Halloween Mother’s Day?
And the raucous As You Like it melee?
Remember the late night conversation,
A skateboard sort of philosophization?

Of course you don’t, all small memories disappear
Into large vague feelings that cover year after year.

I hope you’re happy; if not then blame me
I’m sorry if things turn out horribly.
I’ve talked too much—now it’s your turn–
What must I change and what must I learn?

For: https://dailypost.wordpress.com/2012/11/02/daily-prompt-8/


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