I Come From Da Future (And We Don’t Have Flying Cars)

We Have Twitter

Dear me, yes it’s me, yes you know who I am,
So listen up close, don’t say zip, shut your clam–
The future is coming and it’s coming fast,
But here’s a few tips for myself in the past:

It’s ninth grade, enjoy it—it’s one of the best
I’m sure you’ll do fine if you study for tests
It’s 2004 so you’ll want to watch Lost
But it only gets worse, so first count the cost
Of lost opportunities, just what you could do
If only you knew; oh if only you knew.

But I’m wasting breath, wasting space, wasting time;
Don’t waste yours as well–start practicing rhyme,
So maybe one day before you could know it
You’ll find you’re a real live literal poet.

It won’t earn you money and won’t earn you fame
But I, your twenty-two-year-old self, am game

Now before I go here’s a list of names:
(Your classmates you know so I’ll leave them out
But here are some friends you should know about)–
Olivia Bankard and sister S’rah
Are worthy of hip hip hip holla huzzah
While Andrew and Tom of the Belliveau clan
Are two to remember when making a plan
And Christina Canche loves China too
(Oh, right, I forgot, I haven’t told you
You might want to start learning Mandarin
And keep hanging out with your good friend Hay, Ben)

This advice is random; it’s hard to keep track
Of all of the things  that your memory lacks
And all of the friends that you still have to meet
Like that time with Calli when you both trick-or-treat.

But some things in life are better discovered
There are doors to be opened and treasures uncovered,
But know this—whatever bad things come your way–
Your God is your rock; on Him you must stay.

For: https://dailypost.wordpress.com/2012/11/02/daily-prompt-8/


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