Unleash your arrow dipped in space and time
And let it fly for twelve long months of time:

Rise and Shine

Like the rising sun
Drawing back night’s black curtain,
He makes all things new.

Rise on the wings of the dawn

Photo by Claire Anthony


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Ethereal Dementia

The Blind Lion Roars

Leave turgid ways
Behind like fresh footprints
Zig-zagging haphazard sand maze
At beach bottleneck when miscreant brays,
“There’s a shark in the water, everyone run!”–then
Tear down your burlap Berlin wall replays,
Light the bright demarcation blaze,
Enter effervescence:
Perspective sways–
Lather, rinse,

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Light of Life to Dark World Shining

O great is our God; sing choirs the same,
Who heals with His wing and gives us His name–
Extend invitations, oh send out the call:
This blessed salvation is given to all!

Fork it Over

Winside Inn

I ate
The bread you brought
With garlic, melted cheese,
Like mittens on a nippy day;
I’m glad.

I Still Insist So

Girl in a Snowstorm

Kids sledding with smiles
And adults shoveling say
This weather’s snow good!

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Bruschetta is Better, but Liquor is Quicker

I don't usually talk

A little liquor liaison,
Some eggnog for the occasion–
Poor Joe drank all within his reach
And thus began his stab at speech:

Ecce Moneta

Live Like a Princess

Photo by Claire Anthony

Take your oil, your diamonds, and gold;
They’re shiny but come at great price.
The struggle for money is old:
Men would kill for one extra pice.


American Dream

A fever’s like a campfire on your face,
Sirocco blowing flames into your throat:
T-shirt and shorts, then blankets, sweats, and coat–
A Kafkaesque encaustic cosh embrace.

For Newtown


Nothing I say will unsplash the waters
Spilling from these wells,
Watering this hallowed ground,
Rippling in the aftershock
Of this torturous tragedy.
But I will still say I’m praying for you
And weeping:
Jesus wept.

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