Double trouble in a puffy blue vest,
Raffiné and yet still ruffian:
Ebulliance and payback at its best–
Wunderbartender quick to share a pun.

Baby Drew

I Like a Bit of Hate

A dose of smiles and broken ribs
A raised eyebrow and slew of fibs
Facetious and likeable cynic

Just a Bit

Mockingbird Monologue

Stone cobbled rocks hard leaves blow along
Gray feathers wings bird seeds flying song
Cold metal black fence wet slick rail
Moan wither gust gasp brisk exhale

A Single Stroke


Folly cleans up well,
Yo ho ho and a bottle:
She’s Cinderella.

Thinking or been drinking

Sky Buoy

Savor sun’s last flame
Until dawn’s embers appear:
New fire shimmering.

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Light the sky

I Picked You

Not those flowers

Beneath the sign that says no smoking
The illegal female stands,
A regal blend of grim and joking,
A garden in her hands:
One rose hints her passion,
Two tulips kiss compassion,
Three carnations show her joy,
Four lilies leave her coy,
Five daises brush her cheek–
Sixteen flowers make me weak.

One Man

One man’s wife is another man’s daughter,
One man’s knife is another man’s slaughter,
One man’s life is another man’s water.

One man's strife is another man's hotter

Nickel for Your Dreams

Don’t hedge your bets//
Too often we stand at the cliff edge and blink ourselves into oblivion,
Unsure whether to close our eyes to the vastness

Reading Rainbow

Ask me how much I love a book and I will point to the pages:
Ink-dipped and sweating
Drops of gold, fluorescent hues–
My own views
In the margins,
Contradicting and confirming,
With the author:
Reactionary statements,
Words defined and underlined,
Ripples through the beige–
Memories for the ages.

Tea, yes Scissors, no

Just Desserts?

He sugar daddy
Lookin’ for a sweet sweet tooth–
She baby mama.

For: http://haiku-heights.blogspot.com/

Sweet N Low

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