Scarcity and the Sacred

Sometimes it takes a forest fire
To revitalize a forest:
There’s certain pine cones that when burned
Release their seeds in chorus.

Free! Free! Free!

Like birds that sing in poplar tree,
Some things are better when they’re free.

The shadowed path

Goats and guineas, cats and kids
Scatter about.
“Who are you and whaddya want?!”
Comes a great shout.

What sake! O for what sake!

Plan well, sprinters!
Predatory hopes—the heart’s sprinters!
Sprinters of fastest feet!  Fear’s sprinters!
Sprinters crushing the forming, murky, ashen crop!
O, crushing that crop, those fragile stalks and future amber waves!
O feckless, irreverent sprinters.

Sprinters crushing

O coping clouds!

What sake! O for what sake!
Wash mental safe and temperament!
Mint those words, those locks;
Augurs glistening with cold breath, that freeze the sun and help.

Freeze the sun

For I am healing slow–I feel her shadow whichever way I go.

O coping clouds!
Conceal the sun and help my frame to cope, to cope with loss of warmth.

Photo by Silvia Grav

Down into the grave, the grave of my love!

Time! time! O time!
Whichever way I turn, O I see an hourglass with wintry white falling, salts an open wound;
For I am healing slow—I feel her shadow whichever way I go.

Re: Really-small request?

To: Peters, Sim

Sunday, March 24, 2013 2:53 PM

My special son Simeon,

Repent, return,
Reread, relearn,
Repress rebellion,
Receive revelation,
Refresh, renew,
Rejoice, review,
Recognize reason,
Realize resurrection!

Your Father


Brown Eyes

Eyes of morning dew

Photo by Amelia Anthony

Almond mocha blend:
Mercy stores, reflecting pools,
Eyes of fortitude.

They bend beneath my weight, what news.

Fast-growing crop!
Where do your dusky roots reach beneath brown earth?
Down into the grave, the grave of my love!
O crops, caress the soil with loving tendrils.

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