Someone Get the Scissors and Glue

I am rubber; you are too!
Treat or trick it doesn’t matter—
My math mixes up the 2:
Parents [excuse (most dead) ant splatter.]
As the deer suspires for water
Friends stick closer than a brother.

Don’t Sweat Them

Life is a passion of little things:
Mulberry bushes and robin wings.

Beneath Birches

Branches sift gold light
Dappled shadows shift and change
Green grass grows in clumps


What now–a pot boiling endlessly, endlessly now and on.

Yet I attend, attend still!
Attention—breathe breathless scared of bringing to boil, so do not blink.

O for my happy youth and yesterdays.

What small seedling in the ground, burst to crops, surging yellow corn waves!
What scarecrow surfacing in the waves!
What sake!  O can’t go back!
What now—a pot boiling endlessly, endlessly now and on.

Dear ghost of deceas’d goodness!

O valleys! O cold rain!
O for my happy youth and yesterdays.

Hold I say! Hold!

Dear ghost of deceas’d goodness!
Soft is the crashing of the wave—it is not high tide;
Soft is the patterning, the patterning of the sky;
Clouds are like hidden fur coats.

And still the fervent heartbeat, the tempest-stirred waves

Puffing, what news!
Hold I say! Hold!
Grab for dew-vapor’d air and pronounce myself too late;
You’re beneath mud and too late, what news, too late.

Sprinters of fastest feet! Fear’s sprinters!

And then! tame pace
Then! peace during drumming;
And still the fervent heartbeat, the tempest-stirred waves;
A prophecy before he laughed like trees dividing the wind,
Sliced breeze—like a lemon, lemon meringue pie;
But I’m already human, and afraid of what drifts transparently to me.

Dive Into Darkness

It was a deep night,
The kind you just sink into
Like a submarine.

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