In Short

I long
For you like kids
Long for the bell to ring
Announcing that they’re done with school
And free.

“God can testify how I long for all of you with the affection of Christ Jesus.”–Phil. 1:8

Heard it on the Radio

I’m walking down the avenue
And the only one I see is you
And baby you know it’s true
Because I love you

Grumble Rumble

Talk about climate change brings up one question:
Does Mother Earth suffer from indigestion?

Civil Lefts

Stop waving that flag in my face
Like you just won a war
Or the World Cup.

In the Fold

Memories are paper thin
And lost in thought’s tsunami,
Unless you taught them how to swim:
Cranes—functional origami.

Less is Less

Sometimes I wish that
The senseless would have sense,
The hopeless would have hope,
The faithless would have faith,
The heartless would have heart,
The ruthless would have Ruth.
And that’s the truthful truth.

Signed, Sealed, Delivered (Not yours)

And what, oh death, would you remove from me
By dimming lights?  I do not fear the dark,
For like Alaskan summer nights that see
A flick of black, an unimpressive arc—
Your cloak shall fall; it can’t contain the light
And life of him you do not own.  The seal
And signatures are proof you lost this fight
And I was part and parcel of the deal.

Vanishing Act

Leaving but a note:
Out to lunch.



A Few Odd Hours Past Midnight-Thirty

Here at the time between dusk and dawn
When the moon hangs high and the stars stretch long,
At the angelic chime of the witching hour
When even some neon lights shut down power,
Meet me at the place where shadows cower:
Under the overpass.

An Introvert’s Toast

Drinking buddies are great;
Drinking strangers I hate.

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