Gambling in Madrid

If you’ve got eyes for bacon then let these words grease your wheels;
I know I’m not making sense, but these are the cards I deal.
So either call or bluff—
I know you got nothing.
I know you’ve had enough, though all your chips are in.
I fold my pair of aces just to let you win, to watch your heart race and your face paint a grin.
“Let’s go for a swim” your eyes flicker.
Attention undivided I dive in—giving a loud cattle call
I steer this cruise, control the fuse within.
Liquor slight ignition,
I sight the enemy’s position and let these charges go.
“What are you thinking?” you’re blinking, but you herd me wrong, your long red cape waving in the wind.
Rescind your bull, pull back on the throttle—a lot will hurt a little.
Feel the wall before you feel the floor;
I know you want a fight, just don’t call a mat a door.


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