Real Life

“Yes, yes.  I’m the author.”…“It’s great to meet you too!”…
“Oh, yes, mmhmm, that’s nice.”… “What is it that I do?
Well, I’m still looking for a job; you can pass the word around.”

I’m sorry that in person I’m extremely less profound.

Geometric ( ) Reflection

I see beauty in sorrow, see beauty in the rain,
See beauty in the sadness and beauty in the pain—
I miss beauty in the sunshine, beauty in a smile;
There’s beauty found in gladness that’s of a different style.

Fair O

Apply for theodical exemption
As you try the role of god:
Crack the whip and strike the rod.
But if you receive plagues for attention
Say a quick prayer of apology:
You crave relief, not redemption.

The Little-Engine-That-Could Discusses His Early Days

Cogito ergo sum,
Cogito ergo sum,
Cogito ergo sum:
And that’s how I was born! BOOM!”

Economy of Words

The companies bid for equal market share,
Trading a bull for the down-and-out bear:
Switching and baiting,
Insider trading,
A million dollars fly through the air.

Holy, Holy Holy

Set him in the rock.
Shield him from the full glory—
Let him see Your back.


Burning Rubber

Another pair of headlights come and gone
Another body speeding off into the black heart-attack night
Her face backlit by the setting sun
This car is too quiet
There’s too much air to breathe in-out
Thoughts are like screeeeeeeeching tires
Turn the wheel,
Lose the silence:
Here are the sirens
She had a red dress on and smelled like summer
Windshield wipers in-out and she’s gone

Sweet Words

With every purchase get a free fresh muffin!
You look tired; can I bake you something?
You want some cookies?  I packed way too many.
Here, have some cake—you’re looking way too skinny.
Mmmmm!  Come and taste what the neighbors just brought!
Want to try one of these?  Careful, they’re hot!
I’m on a diet, so you can have mine.
Go ahead, have another!  But does that make nine?
You can have my dessert; I’m already stuffed.
Yeah there’s more pie—sorry I bluffed.
Here’s the scoop; no, take more than that!
Have one more slice; there’s no chance you’ll get fat.

Ghetto Guide

I followed the graffiti down an old dark alley
And read the words on the sick brick wall;
Amid the bits of big talk, low language
And numbers left for strangers to call
I read the words in bright white spray paint
That bled in crevices and cracks,
Ominous and simple wisdom:


Judge Not Lest You Be Judged

“Judge not, lest you be judged!”
He yelled as he performed acts depraved.
“Judge not, lest you be judged!”
She screamed as she twerked into her grave.

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