Reign of Chance

Hemorrhaging clouds pour out their flood
On the burdened canvas below,
An abstract art of dripping blood:
A cloudy-skied Van Gogh,
A fingerpaint with clay and mud,
A man? A moral?  A woe?
As moisture slips beneath the wood
To basements of the soul
Where damp doubts don the devil’s hood
And drink beguilers’ Bordeaux;
Wet thoughts all shivering where they stood,

Can even this be good?

Written as a parallel poem to viewingcamelot’s Chance of Rain.




18 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. viewingcamelot
    Oct 12, 2013 @ 01:25:31

    Wow. Thank you. I’m honored, and impressed. This is really amazing: rich and thick in description and emotion. I guess it’s just another instance of the sequel outshining the original. 😉 These rainy days lately…


    • wordcoaster
      Oct 12, 2013 @ 13:34:07

      Aw, thank you so much! And it in no way outshines yours; it’s merely another perspective on the same subject–I doubt if Monet and Picasso had actually painted the same subject that they would look all that similar, but they would both be masterpieces in their own right. (Not that this is a masterpiece, but you get the point). 🙂


  2. viewingcamelot
    Oct 12, 2013 @ 01:36:05

    I love this whole work. I can’t stop reading it.


  3. viewingcamelot
    Oct 12, 2013 @ 02:48:32

    I can’t pick a favorite part. 🙂


  4. Alice Keys
    Oct 12, 2013 @ 05:16:03

    My husband read this to me this morning. This is elegant and grim and perfect. We (and the poet whose work you’re responding to) are on the same wave. This is the poem I wanted to write this morning. But the rain clouds had hammered the poet muse wavelength in me. Thanks writing this one. I feel less alone.


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  6. readinpleasure
    Oct 19, 2013 @ 09:11:59

    beautifully written, full of emotion


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