Cynical Cyclone

Speak about the proud or the prejudicial pauper
And though those two exist you’ll find it isn’t very proper
Unless you also nod and say they often aren’t this way,
So cover all your bases or leave mouths covered in dismay.
Stir up yet more trouble as you castigate the rich
Who’ll pay another other still to smother you in pitch.
That leaves the middle class, and why not call them out as well?
And add them to the maddened crew that wants to give you hell.

Go ask if they hate veterans or if they hate the Jews
Or if they hate America and rhetorically refuse
Defiant contradictions; don’t let them tell you NO!
Reveal their true convictions the only which you know.

Incense them with some snake oil; use smoke and mirrors too
To dizzy them and dazzle them before the night is through
Pour out some strong perfume, and let the fragrance linger
And slowly wrap them round and round and round  your little finger
Take a drink of water, leave them hoots beneath a frenzy,
The calm before the storm of all-out looting, shooting, crazy.
Step back from the podium and look upon your progress
You’ve made yourself some senators and members of the congress.

Questions? Comments? Criticisms?

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