A Man of Reputation

To me, he’s a person of place—a rooted geography,
In all ways present on the mountain and the valley,
Moved by something deeper, beyond his feet—

Galvanized from the core, the center of creation,
Ore overflowing, a wellspring culmination:
Loosed like a geyser, not a slow percolation
Dripping weakly from a leaky demarcation.
Spirit flowing through him is strong vivification:
Much life within—he gives back—rededication.
I witness his witness with no keen observation;
To see him is to know it and need no verification,
His life an act of worship: glorification.

A few useless haiku

Run-away haiku challenge!  Leave a comment below in haiku that starts with the last line of whichever haiku you want.  OR, reply to a comment using the last line of their haiku as your first.  I hope these directions are clear, because any further explanation is useless…

Come, assimilate
If you can’t beat them, join them
Useless to resist

Four cups of sugar
Seem excessive?  Not to me
Use less than I could

Old kettle
All rusty inside:

Broken telephone
One man’s junk is one man’s junk
Just admit it, please

Inspired by the theme at

Cold Dawn

Ghost of a lady in the back alley freezing,
Looking for another short-term solution:
Waking up later, frost-bitten, wheezing,
Or on that morning not waking at all.

The Snake Memory Dipping Illusions

All of these lines are petty thefts to make a pretty poem:

We live

penultimate lives

Our songs forever


Like sable coils of twisted cord that glisten in the light,

Every breath stretching back to birth,
And on into eternity, and our breath

All mingled together.


So click on them to enjoy them as their true authors intended–you won’t regret it!


A Trip to Jason’s Deli

A day so cold I saw my breath inside,
So we stepped outside and took a drive–
Shivering lumps of flesh, with the heat on full.
We arrived before the dawn and hesitantly knocked,
Unsure if she would come or if we’d wake others up.
She let us in with an hola and a smile.
We gathered up his things, wrapped him warmly then rushed
Him to the car.  We introduced ourselves as best we could;
She spoke little English, but she understood our names.
I tried to think of words to say, but everything was wrong;
The only Spanish I could think of was from warning labels–
So we all talked to him, since there was no language barrier
And he cooed back contentedly.  “¡Eso es!” she interrupts.
I missed the turn, but circled back and drove her to the door.
She smiled and said, “Thank you.” “De nada,” I replied.
She had a life’s worth of problems and a smile miles wide.

Wordcoaster’s Wednesday Workshop #1

I’m trying something new.  I hope that this idea is as exciting to other poetry bloggers as it is to me.  I want to offer a space to link poems that are at any stage of the writing process.  Perhaps they’re done, but there just seems to be something slightly off about them.  It can be helpful to have someone else take a look and offer feedback.  Week to week we might focus on different topics, but regardless of the focus there will always be the opportunity to link a poem or two that you want looked over.

It might be helpful to leave a comment if you’re looking for specific insights.

Links open every Wednesday at 2:30pm EST and remain open until Friday at 3:00pm EST.


  • Limit two links per person.
  • Don’t just link and run!  Visit and comment on at least one other blog.
  • Keep comments polite, but do share critiques.  Constructive criticism is what we’re after.
  • This is a weekly event.  You may continue to workshop the same poem(s) for as long as you’d like.
  • If possible, please turn off captcha for comments.  Reading squiggly numbers and questionably capitalized letters is not everyone’s favorite pasttime.
  • Have fun!  I command it!

My Cats Every Night

It’s that time of night…
Is there catnip in the air?
They just go crazy!

Loud and Proud

Voice like a freight train
Barreling down a mountain–
Singing sharps all flat.

For: http://haiku-heights.blogspot.com/

Cella Sonnet

A cold, clear morning perfect for a drive:
The frost-like snow lends softness mild and clean,
While twisted tree limbs fist-bump and high-five
A crystal fountain drips down auld ravine:
Gold water catches sunlight like a star,
A Canopus in aqua constellation–
Here Pollux, here Mimosa, here Hadar–
Swift shifting shapes with each new undulation.
With paint-dipped branches birches arch the stream,
A natural mimicry of wind-wisped snow,
Like whitewashed towers built from paper ream;
They bend and beckon where to come and go.

The road that brought me by this starry scene
Is all that interrupts this place pristine.


He knows me as the guy who loves to dance,
She knows me as one of those actor freaks,
They know me as one of those blogger geeks,
You know me as a victim of romance,

She knows me as the guy who goes to church,
They know me as the kid who has weird dreams,
You know me as the one who posts the memes,
He knows me as someone who likes research,

They know me by the topics that I speak of,
You know me as a poet having fun,
He knows me as a pediatrician’s son,
I know me and I’m all of the above.

For: http://dailypost.wordpress.com/2014/01/17/daily-prompt-you/

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