North by Southeast

A thousand arrows pointing different ways,
We sold off every brick of yellow road–
Each man a compass rendered to himself
What sacrifice was made for trick of gold
Or passion–wanderlust without the wander–
Or power, how we laughed and labeled it
As freedom.  True!  For we defined the truth:
A half-ton balderdash and half-ton @#!%

Lucky Day?

A dazzling dress so white, so cold, so clean;
I pinched the yard because she didn’t wear green.

Come What May

I happen to like Spring,
Even though it rains every day in April:
It means something’s happening–
Time marches on; it will not still.

The days get longer like stretched taffy
We keep pulling and pulling and pulling until
It snaps
And we grow hair wise and glacial.

To Nobodaddy

But those who burn with vig’rous youth
Pluck fruits before the light.–William Blake

Let’s raise a glass to the shadow on the wall–
I turned to look and he wasn’t there at all,
Just a child screaming from the crib
And skeletal mother: bony Adam’s rib.

He’s out there somewhere, mingling with the dark,
An alpha male, a predator, a shark–
His razor teeth form quite the brilliant smile;
He swims everywhere but down the church’s aisle.

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