the a or Misunder-go A first is be

important far significant conclusions.
they someone Don’t on standings what’s outside,
could other than a calming versa.
can simple seem book could While underneath,
you pussycat be just by jumping conversation.
its act erased a winning.
Communication Getting on more vice Find
a your before with out lion needs.
is inside to judge by understanding the honest cover.
as influence a might the answers key.


If you’re wondering, “WHAT THE JACK SPARROW DID I JUST READ?”–don’t worry, you’re perfectly sane.  There’s no hidden meaning here, no code to crack (unless you want to try to rearrange the “poem” to what it originally said).  You see, I followed Tristan Tzara’s method in which he lays out easy steps to write a poem:
1) Find a newspaper
2) Cut out an article in the newspaper the length of the poem you want to write
3) Cut out all the words in the article and put them in a bag
4) Draw out the words one by one and write them down in the order they appear
5) Now you have a poem that describes yourself

Ok, so I skipped that last step.  But I did follow the rest.  I initially cut up one horoscope, but then I added a second one–this time adding the words not QUITE as randomly but using them to make the lines as metrically similar as I could.

So, if you like puzzles, here is what the second horoscope I added originally said:

Communication is the key.  Misunder-standings can be erased with a simple conversation.  Getting honest answers is far more important than winning.  A significant other could act as a calming influence by understanding your needs.

Can you figure out what the other one said?


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Russ L
    Apr 15, 2014 @ 06:08:54


    Wordcoaster, sometimes I’m kinda dense so I had to read your aleatory tag before I came a little closer to understanding this. A little more explanatory setup would have added scenery for senile old me. E.g., how did you decide to pick your words, throwing darts at magnetic poetry? 🙂


    • wordcoaster
      Apr 16, 2014 @ 00:03:32

      So glad you commented! I should be more transparent as a poet. I’m going to go ahead and explain the method to my madness (and it is madness) as an edited addendum to the poem post. Thanks so much for asking! 😀


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