A Parabolic Poem

My boomerang came back to yoU
Plussss all of that additional losssS
Utilities: A/C, and water and heaT

Socratic, Platonic, Euclidean arC
Eureka!  I’ve been such a dumbO
Overcoming a deep deep probleM
Given time the medicine will takE

Today’s path to tomorrow’s roaD
A full choir and then a short solO
High notes leading to bass so  loW
We put grains in a borrowed barN

boom boom boom

Silence fell like an empty drum
banging echoes down the hall
to Please the cat and I and mum
(though she Cannot Hear at all)
Myself, my ears work well as ink
(that’s pretty well now, don’t you Think?)


The crust,
The crust,
The dusty crust,
The mantle flows below,
Above the outer, inner cores so deep
Beneath the breath of fire the mountains sneeze unless they are asleep;
So rouse the snoring hounds but let peaked dragons lie alone asleep
Don’t wake them from their rumbling, grumbling deep,
So keep your voices low
On fragile crust,
The crust,
The crust.

For: http://dversepoets.com/2013/08/15/form-for-all-mathematical-series/
I chose to do an ascending and descending Fibonacci sequenced poem–it is somewhat similar to the Diatelle form, except I was counting feet rather than individual syllables.

I Know They Mean Something

The yellow lines on the winding road
Are a civil engineer’s idea of Morse code
With their dashes and dots of varying size
Conveying a message I cannot surmise
Without calculating the antinode,
And that’s just a pain on the eyes.

Don’t Call My Number

A narrow spot and gravity takes its toll:
The matrix falls as fours and threes collide
While casting sixes, 8, and nines aside
To bump along, as only the 0 will roll.

Someone Get the Scissors and Glue

I am rubber; you are too!
Treat or trick it doesn’t matter—
My math mixes up the 2:
Parents [excuse (most dead) ant splatter.]
As the deer suspires for water
Friends stick closer than a brother.


Like Qutub Minar:
Her hand raised high in the air;
She knew the answer.

For: http://haiku-heights.blogspot.com/

I Picked You

Not those flowers

Beneath the sign that says no smoking
The illegal female stands,
A regal blend of grim and joking,
A garden in her hands:
One rose hints her passion,
Two tulips kiss compassion,
Three carnations show her joy,
Four lilies leave her coy,
Five daises brush her cheek–
Sixteen flowers make me weak.

I Know What I’m Getting

Shoo-fly pie
Math à la mode

Grove Cove

I look to the woods
In the shade– inhale
Of the forest metropolis Lub Dub
Walks a lovely maiden Lub–Lub
And a friend Lub Dub, Lub Dub
I watch this sylvan scene– exhale
Through my telescope

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