A Trip to Jason’s Deli

A day so cold I saw my breath inside,
So we stepped outside and took a drive–
Shivering lumps of flesh, with the heat on full.
We arrived before the dawn and hesitantly knocked,
Unsure if she would come or if we’d wake others up.
She let us in with an hola and a smile.
We gathered up his things, wrapped him warmly then rushed
Him to the car.  We introduced ourselves as best we could;
She spoke little English, but she understood our names.
I tried to think of words to say, but everything was wrong;
The only Spanish I could think of was from warning labels–
So we all talked to him, since there was no language barrier
And he cooed back contentedly.  “¡Eso es!” she interrupts.
I missed the turn, but circled back and drove her to the door.
She smiled and said, “Thank you.” “De nada,” I replied.
She had a life’s worth of problems and a smile miles wide.

The Little-Engine-That-Could Discusses His Early Days

Cogito ergo sum,
Cogito ergo sum,
Cogito ergo sum:
And that’s how I was born! BOOM!”


He played the blues with a dash of cilantro,
He liked his drinks shaken and stirred with a gusto,
He had his way instantly, muy rapido, pronto!
Then he slowed, and stopped.  Lived life larghissimo.

The Man at the Table

He’s got a daughter the age of my sister
Living in Hoover—he’ll visit her soon.
He’s got a son who’s just a year younger
Than me, and it might be he’s doing just fine.


He looked to me like an old man puppet
(A lovable, thick-browed, yelling muppet)
He spoke of travels through the world
While overhead tornadoes swirled
But we paid no attention.


Videri Quam Esse

A cardinal and dogwood:
North Carolina.


Double trouble in a puffy blue vest,
Raffiné and yet still ruffian:
Ebulliance and payback at its best–
Wunderbartender quick to share a pun.

Baby Drew

S’rah’s Spanish Sonnet

El cual también nos informó sobre
Vuestro amor en el Espíritu.
Says India.Arie: “I see God in you.”
It’s true; He’s used you in a special way.


Mountains Out of Old Hills

Walls of grey volcanic ash
Echo glacial praises high,
Piercing blue and fjorded sky,
Touching clouded heaven’s sash.

Ecce Moneta

Live Like a Princess

Photo by Claire Anthony

Take your oil, your diamonds, and gold;
They’re shiny but come at great price.
The struggle for money is old:
Men would kill for one extra pice.

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