Forever Friendship

Commitment has its price and it ain’t cheap–
How much she left to follow in the way:
Riches, family, friends.
Is this just madness, unhinged logic leap,
Submission to a whim or dream astray
That drifts along and wends
Its way unknown, a droplet in the deep?
No!  I say no!  The difference–night and day
And nothing blends.

Called by her Father, she runs to his embrace
And takes the gifts he’s given just to her,
Now joins the story in medias res:
Changchun, China set to feel her stir–
Here love and joy and kindness she displays,
Embodies spirit’s fruit in all her ways.

Kiss of Death

“Is nothing sacred?” she asked on her knees.
“Nothing but taxes,” then gave a slight squeeze.

Calm, cool, collected, he left with his gun–
Only facts and no feelings about what he’d done:
Leaving his wife on the cold chapel floor,
Dead as a doorknob in a locked and chained door.

“Be happy,” he said laughing, “it’s just you and me!
Late Annie’s in heaven, but we’re both right here–
Oh, kiss me Serena, for I’ve set us free!”
Oh how I despised him and felt full of fear–
Deny him?  He’d kill me.  I obeyed his decree.

A Parabolic Poem

My boomerang came back to yoU
Plussss all of that additional losssS
Utilities: A/C, and water and heaT

Socratic, Platonic, Euclidean arC
Eureka!  I’ve been such a dumbO
Overcoming a deep deep probleM
Given time the medicine will takE

Today’s path to tomorrow’s roaD
A full choir and then a short solO
High notes leading to bass so  loW
We put grains in a borrowed barN

Your Choice

Simple question, complex too
Take  some   time   to  answer
As you twirl  your golden ring
You’ll    know     what    to   do

A Man of Reputation

To me, he’s a person of place—a rooted geography,
In all ways present on the mountain and the valley,
Moved by something deeper, beyond his feet—

Galvanized from the core, the center of creation,
Ore overflowing, a wellspring culmination:
Loosed like a geyser, not a slow percolation
Dripping weakly from a leaky demarcation.
Spirit flowing through him is strong vivification:
Much life within—he gives back—rededication.
I witness his witness with no keen observation;
To see him is to know it and need no verification,
His life an act of worship: glorification.

Clash Mob

Pitchforks raised and at the ready,
Each face scowls and holds it steady;
Torches light the fiery fury
As they attack the furriery.

He Bled Red

Cold blood,
Red blood, blue clothes:
Ice cold blooded murder!
Pooled red blood, his pulse has gone cold,
So cold.

Only Elite Belong

Fifty decades long
Of bearing what’s wrong:
Time with Viet Cong
In the old Saigon:
The heat–
Until skin and song,
Deeper still he’s strong:
Eat, eat.

A Difficult Joy

Shall I defend my cause
Upheld by vanished laws
Forgotten and unenforced?
Forgotten in this cell,
Expect the force of hell:
Rivers raging through their course
Imbibed by sinking lung,
Not drunk by willing tongue—
Giving praise still, not remorse.

Someone Get the Scissors and Glue

I am rubber; you are too!
Treat or trick it doesn’t matter—
My math mixes up the 2:
Parents [excuse (most dead) ant splatter.]
As the deer suspires for water
Friends stick closer than a brother.

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