In the Midst

Another gunshot and another body falls
Like sundried grain before the hungry harvester,
A bloody offering to nothing and no one.
No witnesses come forward, though they saw the shot;
All scared that speaking out could bring about their graves
Before they’ve packed their bags and said all their goodbyes.

The wise kneel down and pray, eyes lifted to the skies–
There’s One no gang can kill, though gangs already tried:
The grave was but a bed to rest in for three days,
Black sin was but a thorn and death was but a phrase.
He came that we might live and live life to the fullest;
He sacrificed Himself to make us bulletproof.
Why would we flee the light and trade cruel lies for truth?
The way He gives is simple but the hardest one to choose:
“Give up your independence; turn and follow Me
And let Me be the only ruler in your heart.”

Another gunshot and another body falls—
Still sweet and hopeful are the Savior’s loving calls.

Poetic Manifesto

I write to light the fire that burns out of control,
I write to fight the dark contagion in my soul,
I write to reach the heights my mouth cannot attain,
I write to teach the thoughts that echo in my brain,
I write to fill the page with humor, truth, and smiling,
I write to spill the rage, the sadness, and reviling,
I write to shift the phrases pointing up above,
I write to lift up praises to the God I love.

Drafty Dinner

I set the table with embroidered tablecloth
And light some candles casting shadows everywhere.
A flicker shifting air encapsulates the room;
The china catches flames with its reflective sheen
Illuminating all that falls within its range.
A silence settles in like frost on winter grass:
My face alone like ice reflects from drinking glass.

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