Imprefect, or however it’s spelled

A flaw is a law with an F,
A rule with the reason bereft,
Where logic has failed
And chaos prevailed:
An audiobook for the deaf.

“Come quick! (iffen you dara)”

A cry came for help from Panera,
A scream just of absolute terra:
“This is like a black hole
I’m trapped in this bread bowl
I’m here, but I do not know wherea!”


She: “Guy who got mad in the mall
Wouldn’t listen to reason at all;
He threw all our stuff
And acted quite tough
Until the cops took him.”  Me: “LOL!”

Aang can save the world

The airbender avatar Aang,
Teamed up with the rest of his gang
To bring life and rebirth
And save the whole earth
And if that ain’t enough, well then dang!

Contentedly Tired

This kid who was all graduated
In a grad party participated;
He talked and he smiled
To adult and child
And now is left feeling sedated.

Stones May Break My Bones

A kid with a stick in his hand
Does things that he never had planned
Like breaking a vase
Or hitting your face–
Drop it! A failsafe command.


Now Karen just loves to eat sushi:
Once rolling one or two, she
Devours them all
Both large and small
With a sound that is rather like WHOOSHIE!

A Series of Study Poems

What’s Bakumatsu?
Men of action, violent

A haiku wrapped in a tanka inside a limerick

Two kids who were studying history
About Okubo “champ” Toshimichi
Found his varying ties
To ye old samurais
To be more than a bit of a mystery



The Teddy Bears are Having a Picnic

There once were some kids at a table
To which weird was an accurate label:
They laughed ’til they cried;
Their parents all sighed,
“I hope that they’re mentally stable!”

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