His money deposited, his soul saved…

“Go back in the house.”
That’s all he said, without a backward glance.
A modern-day Faust
I watched him through the blinds.

You know how they talk among themselves.
Just loud enough to pique your interest,
Low enough that all the meaning quells
And leaves you straining at the keyhole.

We stood miserably by the wall.
Knowing only that we didn’t like this,
Wishing that we weren’t so small
And boxing with our shadows.

Title and first lines taken from Harper Lee’s To Kill A Mockingbird p. 131, 145, 157, 164

For: http://wedrinkbecausewerepoets.com/2014/04/21/poetry-prompt-7-word-building/

To Nobodaddy

But those who burn with vig’rous youth
Pluck fruits before the light.–William Blake

Let’s raise a glass to the shadow on the wall–
I turned to look and he wasn’t there at all,
Just a child screaming from the crib
And skeletal mother: bony Adam’s rib.

He’s out there somewhere, mingling with the dark,
An alpha male, a predator, a shark–
His razor teeth form quite the brilliant smile;
He swims everywhere but down the church’s aisle.

The Snake Memory Dipping Illusions

All of these lines are petty thefts to make a pretty poem:

We live

penultimate lives

Our songs forever


Like sable coils of twisted cord that glisten in the light,

Every breath stretching back to birth,
And on into eternity, and our breath

All mingled together.


So click on them to enjoy them as their true authors intended–you won’t regret it!


In Dependence Day

In June I tiptoe to offset the noise
July will bring: a New Year in mid-year—
Explosions loud, we celebrate like boys
When parents leave and there is none to fear.

Someone Get the Scissors and Glue

I am rubber; you are too!
Treat or trick it doesn’t matter—
My math mixes up the 2:
Parents [excuse (most dead) ant splatter.]
As the deer suspires for water
Friends stick closer than a brother.

He didn’t say a picture of what.

“Hey, Mrs. Dubose.”

She was as pretty as a picture
Of Hitler at the podium,
A greasy, zit-speckled face,
A baboon’s bottom,
The 1980’s,
Honey Boo Boo,
Nicolas Cage,
A hairless cat,
And the Citarum river,
All Photoshopped together.

For: http://withrealtoads.blogspot.ca/

Destiny’s Bastard

I’m a pariah;
I’m not going to give up–
Keep on survivin’.

For: http://haiku-heights.blogspot.com/

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I See You

Dark lord of the night:
Owl ensures that nothing stirs,
Not even a mouse.

For: http://haiku-heights.blogspot.com/

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The Counselor

Peace I leave with you,
My peace I give unto you:
Heart like a koi pond.

For: http://haiku-heights.blogspot.com/

First they champ

Boy on Spring green lawn:
And just standing still.

For: http://haiku-heights.blogspot.com/

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