A Man of Reputation

To me, he’s a person of place—a rooted geography,
In all ways present on the mountain and the valley,
Moved by something deeper, beyond his feet—

Galvanized from the core, the center of creation,
Ore overflowing, a wellspring culmination:
Loosed like a geyser, not a slow percolation
Dripping weakly from a leaky demarcation.
Spirit flowing through him is strong vivification:
Much life within—he gives back—rededication.
I witness his witness with no keen observation;
To see him is to know it and need no verification,
His life an act of worship: glorification.

Brown Eyes

Eyes of morning dew

Photo by Amelia Anthony

Almond mocha blend:
Mercy stores, reflecting pools,
Eyes of fortitude.

Videri Quam Esse

A cardinal and dogwood:
North Carolina.


Double trouble in a puffy blue vest,
Raffiné and yet still ruffian:
Ebulliance and payback at its best–
Wunderbartender quick to share a pun.

Baby Drew

Tabby Tippens

Sometimes a cat
Is just awesome—
Like right now…
And right now…
Still awesome.

Founders Cat

For: chevve.wordpress.com

Jerusalem Will

Jerusalem was
A city upon a hill–
Come home, come home still.

For: http://haiku-heights.blogspot.com/

Magistra Omnibus

Joyful expressions
Abundant wise energy
New knowledge flows free

Photo by Alison Johnson

For: haiku-heights.blogspot.com

An’ Action

The girl who lives upstairs, the painted lady
The jungle-living, well-acquainted lady:

Kant Touch This

Photo by Claire Anthony

He does what he wants
With philosophical power;
All Immanuel Kants
Bow down and cower.

Buckle Up

The whispered tones fell on deaf ears; I was a thrill-seeker and here were the thrills.  Thousands of them, but I sought out the ones worthwhile.  Time is too precious to waste on some lame tame baby ride.  I stalked my prey with the skill of a half-starved cheetah, and twice as fast.  I rushed headlong into awaiting queue, but waiting was not what I had planned to do.  Throwing caution to the wind I loudly exclaimed,

“These books, please, to-go
Auden, Millay, Herbert, Poe–
I’m the wordcoaster!”

Written for The Haiku Challenge 2012 – Day 28 – February 28th – Theme or Word: YOUR BLOG NAME FORM: Haiku + Form of your Wish

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