boom boom boom

Silence fell like an empty drum
banging echoes down the hall
to Please the cat and I and mum
(though she Cannot Hear at all)
Myself, my ears work well as ink
(that’s pretty well now, don’t you Think?)

Seven Color Crystal Boll

Rip the pack and pour the rubble,
Baby beads make double trouble:
Water wobble bauble bubbles!

I got the wind knocked into me

Rushing wind
Fills my lungs with life
Breath of God

Brown Eyes

Eyes of morning dew

Photo by Amelia Anthony

Almond mocha blend:
Mercy stores, reflecting pools,
Eyes of fortitude.

All the Way Home

Pretty pink pig piglets
Romping rambunctiously:
Squee squee squee squee squee!

Head over Heels

One Nation

Red and blue both swirl to purple,
As the bird unites the people:
“Velvet-violet lining with the lamp-light gloating o’er”
Edgar Allan interjects and continues on some more,
“Nameless here for evermore
San Fran–and cheer Baltimore!”

Ravens for Life CAW CAW


She kept a calendar filled with all her dates
With tips on how to make the next one better,
Like: picnics aren’t the place to wear high heels
And how some things are best expressed through letter.

One day she tore it, burned it in a blaze
And warmed herself with all the previous days.

Slow Burn

He Liked Looking Through Binoculars Backwards

He never wore glasses;
It made the blobs real
And sometimes he just
Wanted talking blobs.

And when he spun he saw a kaleidoscope

Angry Sushi

Raised lip, he looked
Like a hooked fish
Uncooked, so raw.

Put Him in the Blender

“Alright, which one of you samurais chopped the moon?”

The lines go by with varied speed,
The skylines treed
Then bare again
Like winter kin.

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