I fold

Parades of people
Paper-thin origami
Paper cuts still hurt

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Given a Fighting Chance

One two knockout punch
Shadow crumples to the floor:
Boxer conquers ghosts

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The devil made me do it

My friends conspire
Events transpire
I perspire
People inquire
The situations require
A boldfaced liar

Siblings came, I saw a friend, cousins conquered

5:00 came early–too early for some
But they stumbled to the white van
Somnambulant scrambling, ambient ambling
Not yet complaining–not happy–just numb

The Routine

Photo by Claire Anthony

In the kitchen
We all pitch in
Only if I tell you to

Late-night revelry

After the great departure
When only the true remain
Seeking sprinklers for rain,
All dots bisected by a plane
And dancing in green pasture.

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