Will it last the night? (Fig Jam)

There’s a lovely light–
My candle burns at both ends
–There’s a lovely light.

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Foes and friends, if you like free books (especially Edna St. Vincent Millay) then enter to win!


April 28 National Blog Tour: Bird Poems

—-April, as many of you know, is National Poetry Month, and Serena from Savvy Verse & Wit organized a national blog tour in celebration.  Although the month is nearly over, you can check out the schedule here  and visit all the other poets who have contributed.  Don’t miss out!
—-I’m still not quite sure how I stumbled upon the opportunity to be a part of this unique event, but I agreed to host a leg of the tour and showcase some bird poems.
—-Poetry, for me is something that should be full of life and powerful, able to lift you to new heights of wonder and give a fresh perspective on the world below:

Poems are like birds, the words fly free;
Even caged they sing a different tune:
The avid watcher knows them all by name,
While casual observer invents new.

Buckle Up

The whispered tones fell on deaf ears; I was a thrill-seeker and here were the thrills.  Thousands of them, but I sought out the ones worthwhile.  Time is too precious to waste on some lame tame baby ride.  I stalked my prey with the skill of a half-starved cheetah, and twice as fast.  I rushed headlong into awaiting queue, but waiting was not what I had planned to do.  Throwing caution to the wind I loudly exclaimed,

“These books, please, to-go
Auden, Millay, Herbert, Poe–
I’m the wordcoaster!”

Written for The Haiku Challenge 2012 – Day 28 – February 28th – Theme or Word: YOUR BLOG NAME FORM: Haiku + Form of your Wish

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