June humidity–
Water, water everywhere:
Crystals in the air

Swimming on two legs

Photo by Eliana Anthony


A Trip to Jason’s Deli

A day so cold I saw my breath inside,
So we stepped outside and took a drive–
Shivering lumps of flesh, with the heat on full.
We arrived before the dawn and hesitantly knocked,
Unsure if she would come or if we’d wake others up.
She let us in with an hola and a smile.
We gathered up his things, wrapped him warmly then rushed
Him to the car.  We introduced ourselves as best we could;
She spoke little English, but she understood our names.
I tried to think of words to say, but everything was wrong;
The only Spanish I could think of was from warning labels–
So we all talked to him, since there was no language barrier
And he cooed back contentedly.  “¡Eso es!” she interrupts.
I missed the turn, but circled back and drove her to the door.
She smiled and said, “Thank you.” “De nada,” I replied.
She had a life’s worth of problems and a smile miles wide.

boom boom boom

Silence fell like an empty drum
banging echoes down the hall
to Please the cat and I and mum
(though she Cannot Hear at all)
Myself, my ears work well as ink
(that’s pretty well now, don’t you Think?)


..No, no, I simply cannot rest
And talk with You; I must invest
My time in other clutter things–
..You would not want for me to sleep
Within Your words, for that would keep
Me from my other clutter things–
..Besides I need to socialize
For that’s the root of being wise,
Along with other clutter things–
..I cannot spend this time alone
With You; I’d surely turn to stone
And join my other clutter things.
..Why would I rest when I could work
Instead?  I say this with a smirk
Along with other mutterings.

Some new clutter things

In Vain

He said your name as if that’s all you were–
Some syllables of phonemes, random sounds;
I want to pick his brain, unlock, restore
These mountains from what he’s reduced to mounds.

Writing in the sand

Herbal Hermeneutic

Lemonbalm slowdown (
The kids still scream around the playground )
Lilac relaxation (
Chicken on the monkeybars )
Lavender duration–
Life is chutes and ladders.

Sometimes even they slow down

Photo by Claire Anthony


One Nation

Red and blue both swirl to purple,
As the bird unites the people:
“Velvet-violet lining with the lamp-light gloating o’er”
Edgar Allan interjects and continues on some more,
“Nameless here for evermore
San Fran–and cheer Baltimore!”

Ravens for Life CAW CAW

Evening Gown

The Days Run Into Night

Sundrops glow
Dusk approaches slow
Then comes night

For: http://haiku-heights.blogspot.com/

Angry Sushi

Raised lip, he looked
Like a hooked fish
Uncooked, so raw.

Put Him in the Blender

“Alright, which one of you samurais chopped the moon?”

The lines go by with varied speed,
The skylines treed
Then bare again
Like winter kin.

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