American Dream

A fever’s like a campfire on your face,
Sirocco blowing flames into your throat:
T-shirt and shorts, then blankets, sweats, and coat–
A Kafkaesque encaustic cosh embrace.


Empty Bed

The scattered bones bounce off unoccupied graves,
Double-dutch, double-dutch, triple dog dare,
Fibula, tibia fly through the air,
Hula hoop hopscotch hops to the beer:
People are skeletal knaves.

Post Mortar

Photo by James Veldhorst

Smells like dust and bricks:
No one likes renovations
Until they’re complete.

For: http://haiku-heights.blogspot.com/

Try Unity

Photo by James Veldhorst

Speaking shapes of triangles and clovers
As if God were mere geometry:
f(x) is clear credal injunction,
But what of three in one where one holds three?

Energy Increases

Photo by James Veldhorst

In crags, dimplings of rock face
Deep pockets smiles make
Asleep the deep rumble of bass
‘Til frowns low pow’r awake


For http://gooseberrygoespoetic.blogspot.com/

After the paint fades

Photo by James Veldhorst

Practice makes perfect
Hopes secretly build themselves
Sting of rejection

For http://haiku-heights.blogspot.com/

Why Dickinson Remained Single

Photo by James Veldhorst

I ran from you and hid
My heart had closed its door
I didn’t love you anymore
In truth I probably did
But that feeling I’d ignore

College Life

Photo by James Veldhorst

Rain on windowpane
Eyes tick-tock across this page
Trees sway hypnotic

Written for http://haiku-heights.blogspot.com/

In the Secret Garden

How did I end up with the key
The only way to gain entry
Did I find it in the sands
How it fell into my hands
Will still remain a mystery

Worldly Conversation

The earth now told me by and by,
“Send a message to my in-law Sky.”
What is this message I should know?
“Send the rain to me, Sir Earth, below”
And how shall I send this message, perchance?
“That’s why I picked you– you must dance”

Photo by James Veldhorst

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