Not ready for solid food, and spilling the milk

I’m crying over spilled milk
And told, “It’s useless.  Stop.”
But I will weep for all who bilk
The harvest from the crop.

So if you ask me why I weep,
I’m crying o’er spilled milk–
The basic truths so rich and deep,
Rare treasures like fine silk,

That matter not to present ilk
Who think Jesus a dud.
I’m crying over spilled milk:
For us Christ spilled His blood.


Why Does Dust Dance in Heavenly Light?

Oh, did those feet in ancient time
Leave footprints in the sand,
Or were the beaches seared to glass
Beneath their Maker’s hand?

Did the holy and the worldly clash
With every footstep trod?
Did rocks dare lift their jagged heads
And bruise the heel of God?

Did mosquitoes change their diet,
Nearby babies scream and wail,
Briars scratch and ivy itch Him,
Clouds pour down swift buckets of hail?

Was it we alone who nailed Him
Stripped and beaten to the cross,
Or did all the natural world assail Him–
Stake a claim in His life’s loss?

A Simple Rhyme for Eastertime

Where there was frost there now is Spring
..Life, life in abundance,
Where snow-hushed silence, birds now sing
..Life, life in abundance,
Where there was drought a cool, cold spring
Lifting pain and suffering,
Deep waters everlasting:
..Life, life in abundance!

In the Midst

Another gunshot and another body falls
Like sundried grain before the hungry harvester,
A bloody offering to nothing and no one.
No witnesses come forward, though they saw the shot;
All scared that speaking out could bring about their graves
Before they’ve packed their bags and said all their goodbyes.

The wise kneel down and pray, eyes lifted to the skies–
There’s One no gang can kill, though gangs already tried:
The grave was but a bed to rest in for three days,
Black sin was but a thorn and death was but a phrase.
He came that we might live and live life to the fullest;
He sacrificed Himself to make us bulletproof.
Why would we flee the light and trade cruel lies for truth?
The way He gives is simple but the hardest one to choose:
“Give up your independence; turn and follow Me
And let Me be the only ruler in your heart.”

Another gunshot and another body falls—
Still sweet and hopeful are the Savior’s loving calls.

Judge Not Lest You Be Judged

“Judge not, lest you be judged!”
He yelled as he performed acts depraved.
“Judge not, lest you be judged!”
She screamed as she twerked into her grave.

Scarcity and the Sacred

Sometimes it takes a forest fire
To revitalize a forest:
There’s certain pine cones that when burned
Release their seeds in chorus.

Judas Christ

Jesus Christ, that’s a pretty face
A face that makes you reminisce
The kind you’d find on someone that could save
Would you mind if I gave it a kiss?
If they don’t put me away
For betraying you like this
It’ll be a miracle
From the black abyss

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