A Sunny Scene

She wore her black bikini
That just clung to her hips,
Her over-sized sunglasses
Perched above her lips.

White Sand

Under snows
Fresh white and chilling
Sea breeze blows

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Beachy Keen

Happy Valenstein Day

Her eyes are Times Square;
Mine are rural North Korea.
I’m not a city person,
But she’s shaken that idea
With one glance she dug a hole,
In a blink she poured the concrete,
Now the buildings fill the space
And replace my safe retreat.

Monkey Business

A Small Sad Poem


Modified from a Todd Goldman book cover.

Things can always get a little worse:
Like that time we went to DC in the rain
And it was sixty-five degrees when we left, thirty-five when we arrived
And we bought one umbrella for the five of us,
Or that time I accidentally took the wrong bus
And had to walk three miles to get home
And a drunk lady threw up on me,
Or when I got sick myself
And missed the deadline for the term paper
And your birthday
And wrote a small sad poem.

What’s the Word, Hummingbird?

I am a feeble man;
I faint and stutter
For a bite of bread
And a sip of water–
Every word that comes from the mouth of the Lord.

Sunglasses Reduce Glare

I grew up with Mr. Rogers and his changing shoes
So I said hello and waved as you walked near
You, my longtime neighbor

Preaching to the Choir

Ten pages due
Ten pages due two days from you
Whispered delay
Just stop and pray

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