I Come From Da Future (And We Don’t Have Flying Cars)

We Have Twitter

Dear me, yes it’s me, yes you know who I am,
So listen up close, don’t say zip, shut your clam–
The future is coming and it’s coming fast,
But here’s a few tips for myself in the past:

Magistra Omnibus

Joyful expressions
Abundant wise energy
New knowledge flows free

Photo by Alison Johnson

For: haiku-heights.blogspot.com

No Lights, No Radio

Shooting star night sky
Backdrop for ambient sounds
Real country music

For: http://haiku-heights.blogspot.de/


Photo by Roy Sykes of Jordan Wolf

Unsure of the reason for the wolf
And what he has to do with golf, but…
They make for quite a fairway pair
An odd couple extremely rare

Spring Broke

Let down the net, pompadillo!


And crunchy bread
Contact!  Syphilis Mufasa
Stop for goats
And go to bed

For: http://gooseberrygoespoetic.blogspot.com/

Don’t Don’t Waste This Night

Don’t waste this night;
Waste tomorrow instead.

Three Little Pigs (The New Twist version)

There once were three piggies with three types of wit
And three little wolves who were of the same knit.
The pigs were named Abel and Lincoln and Babe;
While the wolves were named Cain, Davis, and Sacrebleu.
(You thought that last line should have rhymed, didn’t you?)

Carrot and Stick

You’re talented—that fact I will admit
One line in and your head’s already grown
But what’s behind your song and dance?
Peel away your thoughtless chants
Of “Really?  Gorgeous?  Oh, stop it!”–
Find you’re only common stone
With but a single facet

Peaks and Valleys

Silence is merely a pregnant pause

Infant words who birthed soon cry

Lamenting loss of life nearby

As all that lives will surely die

Silence is merely a pregnant pause

The Flock

I’m feeling blue
Jay-walking is a sin
A cardinal affair
So so naughty

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