Casca Cascade

still alive
and still sane
and the food is good
then, yes, I will attend
your dinner party

–Casca to Cassius in Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar


All the World’s a Stage, So Please Exeunt

Go on, leave, I said to get the hell out
And no itsy-bitsy spider up the spout–
I never want to see your face again
Or stare at your taut, demented grin;
Go on, leave, I said get the hell out!

Love’s Letter’s Lost

If I
were to try
and write to my
love, would she give reply
or would blank page stay dry
without any ink words, not even goodbye:
a bittersweet word that would guarantee a sigh,
but silence is worse and would make me cry—


To Be or Not To Be

Own self above all
Thine wishes mere second-rate
Is this to be true?

Written for The Haiku Challenge 2012 – Day 8 – February 8th – Quote: This Above All, To Thine Own Self Be True

I Have Found My Honesty!

Spotlight’s on hot seat
Come and take electric chair
Relax for fireside chat
Now enter Satan’s lair

Welcome to McBeth’s, may I take your order?

Double, double toil
Spiders crawl into my web
Work that black magic


I hold the olive in my hand

Your words fall like drops
Into my silver goblet
One spark lights the fire

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