Stir Up

Baby let’s drive into town
I wanna settle down
You can wear your new evening gown
I wanna settle down
We’ll stop in at Café Mantee
Won’t you settle down with me?
Shut up!  You’re starting to make me angry.
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Teaching Typewriter

Quiet, now
Whisper so as to not wake
Everyone and their grandparents
Respect your elders
Talk only when talked about
Yell if it’s slanderous
Ugly shrieks, if necessary
If necessary, mind you
Please and thank-yous
Amens and hallelujahs
Salutations of every sort
Drowning them in kindness
For they may do the same to you
Goodness breeds goodness
Hate breeds hate
Just remember the silver rule
Kick those who have wronged you three times
Love those who have wronged you four or more
Zealously forgive and be sure to
Xerox the behavior of those wiser than you
Choosing your friends well
Vanishing swiftly if you made
Bad choices
Now, remember this one last thing
Mumbling makes you look like an idiot

An Abecedarian Observation

A triangle on stilts
Two blank tombstones lying on their sides
An ear that cannot hear
A toothless sideways grin
A pitchfork with no handle
A toothbrush with only two bristles standing on its end
A bent horseshoe about to pour its luck out

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