Hands on the fence



The whistle blows

And the two foes

The distance close

The air is rife

With anger and strife

For death or life

Hangs in the balance

Is Wild

I’m so very immature-

My inner child-

Is an adult

While my outer self is wild;

It jumps and jives,

Shakes, shimmies, struts

Goes into overdrive-

No ifs, ands, or buts.

Inside calm; the difference

‘Tween the two is severe:

The one is studious

The other’d drink beer

If his insides would allow it.

My inner child

Is an adult

While my outer self is wild

In My Own Little Corner

Corner me to your own peril
Place me in a room so sterile
Walls white, floor white, lights bright
This incandescent fluorescence
No clock, no, no time at all
My shadows are so very tall!
Death gives me a beckoning call
I’ll leave this blanket as my pall
You don’t even need to weep

You can just go back to sleep

I’ll Be Back, Will You?

I am Halley’s comet streaking across the sky–

Here but for a short while

And then gone for seventy-six years;

When I return, all of those who saw me

Will be old

And I will only intersect their lives for a short path across the sky,

Perhaps a bit longer path across their mind’s eye

If I shine brightly enough.

I want to stay;

I’m tired of this meaningless routine,

But the only way I could stay

Is if I crash into their world, destroying myself

And causing destruction in the process–

And so I continue my safe lonely path

Out into deep lonely space.

Tolls For Thee

Bells are ringing
Eyes blink open
Monastery thoughts shout loud
In the silence
Now unbroken
By devotion of the vowed


Every day when I go out
I put you in my pocket
And carry you around
You hold many of my secrets
So I hold you close
But something’s expired within you
Though you still clasp my picture tight
Will you disappear on me again
Like you did the other night?
You’re worth a lot to me
More than you could know
But your hollow insides and leather exterior
Will never appreciate

I’d hate to do this in front of you

Photo by Ella Wilson






omit omit omit omit

I Made the Town Crier Cry

Hear ye, hear ye
The town crier cried
Hear ye? Hear me!
I disdainfully replied

O, oh

One moment:
You—waving to me
Under the pool of sky
And the owl cries, “Hoo, hoo!”

Evil grin and spin around

Close your eyes

Now count to ten

Clap as many times as you can

Reverse awhile

Then start again

Open your eyes to the world so bright

Evil grin and spin around

Stop and sit wherever you are

Check  the area for flashing lights

Open your car door and kiss the ground

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